Saturday, August 3, 2013

In My Mind I'm at The Beach

The household tasks and work projects are eating up my time today. I'm way behind on my to-do list, so I'm diligently checking them off this weekend. But in my mind I'm on the beach with a fruity boozy drink.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Starts and Stops

I've had the urge to be a writer for as long I can remember. I've won a couple of contests when I was a kid and teen.  I have been told by others that my ideas would make intersting reading. I read about plots and structure, love doing research on obscure topics and have been fascinated by biographies of famous writers since forever. Heck, I have at least a half of shelf of how-to-write books.  So why do I start and stop my writing. I blame the usual suspects: busy with work, no motivation, start a whole new different story, over analyze, on and on.  Start then stop.

I currently have a list of 62 potential book and script titles, the outline for a craft book, the start werewolf novel, a supernatural pirate thriller, 2 romantic comedy movie scripts and another half dozen of other story ideas. I have the starting down pat! Middle and seeing an end, not so much.
Is any one out there reading this little ole blog? Any tips on getting past the starting block?

Thursday, August 1, 2013

#31WriteNow Blog Challenge - I'm In!!

One of my favorite haunts around the webs for pop culture with a dash of ratchet is Awesomely Luvvie's blog. This week she threw down the challenge to write something everyday for August. Since this is my birthday month (not milestone yet but getting too close for comfort) I feeling the need to push for some of my long term goals. Being a writer is up in the top 10 of the list.

So here goes, post number one of this months challenge. And of this blog, Crafty Ramble. The plan is this will be the landing spot for my writing scribbles and ponderings.  Some craft/creative related, some fiction writing and some pop culture randomness.

Buckle up and put your seats in the upright position, we're taking off!